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A common method of Persian cat clear tears

by:Lingyu     2020-04-08
Persian cat because of its unique facial structure, shorter lachrymal causes the Persian cat tears easily. That would be formed near the Persian cat eyes tears, to keep the cat appearance is beautiful and the health of the eyes, the tears need to clean every day. Here is a simple way to introduce several kinds of clear tears the Persian beauty. The easiest way to remove the staining of the Persian is, every day with a hot towel to wipe the Persian cat eye region. Or you can also use some starch and boric acid powder half-and-half later on the cheeks, the fine powder can effective adsorption Persian cat stain bleaching effect around the eyes. If the cat around the eyes tears, very stubborn, you can use the starch and boric acid powder half-and-half to clean up. First with warm water into the powder paste, then put the gunk carefully daubed on the stain of the Persian cat eyes, wait for dry naturally, after the paste dry to brush it off with a towel to wipe clean. When to clean cat tears, must not get powder into the cat's eyes, because the powder particles easily cause Persian cat eye sores. , of course, when to clean up the drug Persian cat eyes, still had better ask professional veterinarians to clean up, to ensure the Persian cat eye health, avoid to produce more serious consequences.
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