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About short-haired dog hair care methods

by:Lingyu     2020-05-12
Short-haired dog variety are many, such as the labrador, starling dogs and so on. The main characteristic of short-haired dog is whole body hair short. Master the hair care and cleaning, relatively simple. Short-haired dog either in summer or winter, all need not deliberately to shave hair, master as long as you give proper care can give short-haired dog to create fresh and bright image. 1, the dogs to choose a soft brush, tooth and tooth hydrophobic best preparation, because although short-haired dog's hair is short, but also easy to breed the fleas and lice, with a fine tooth comb, can help the dog dog to eliminate fleas and lice. And wash Mao Su, conditioner that re-moisturizes, hair pet pet hair dryer, etc. , convenient to clean the dog hair. 2, must be follow the dog hair growth direction for dog grooming, comb not too hard, when the comb at the same time can gently with the hand petting a dog, to comfort the dog mood, prevention is in to help the dog dog grooming, dog trouble because of emotional problems. Can use teeth of a comb first dog body hair smooth, will also be dog fleas, lice took part, and then use thin comb teeth, will comb again a dog body again. 3. Short-haired dog's hair short dense, so owner for the dog every day best comb a hair, comb each time also need not too long, the dog's body hair comb can be smooth. 4. When cleaning the hair, brush gently along the hair growing scrub, after the whole body scrub give dog a conditioner that re-moisturizes, let the dog hair more luster, submissive, after cleaning with a dry towel to wipe with hair pet pet hair dryer will dry the water on the dog's hair.
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