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Afghan hound beauty techniques

by:Lingyu     2020-04-12
To pet the dog do hairdressing is the need for methods and techniques, scientific beauty can massage the dog body, promote blood circulation of pet dog body, keep the body clean, prevent parasitic disease, let pet dog has become more attractive. Everyone is below small make up for the clean about Afghan hound beauty techniques, welcome everyone to read! In to the Afghan hound beauty, first of all should make it quiet standing in beauty on the desktop, and then from the side of the dog that is standard display surface beauty. Since from the front half part of the Afghan hound brush, grasping, knife in the other, by inside and outside. When grooming a mature Mao Yong nail brush, tender new skin more appropriate use of scraper. Starting from Afghan hound's head, and then followed by the neck, chest, back, abdomen, legs, hips, including its tail. In grooming if meet together little hairball clusters, can use first hair clips dogs outer hair clip, reveal the internal ball, and then use a comb or a finger gently separate the hair bulb, may, when necessary, spray some spray, but don't get the pieces are temperature, provoke hair gently when it's at the same time, don't pull the pain the Afghan hound. If Afghan hound hair cottony ball is very serious, serious hair stick together, then it should start from the outermost layers of the hair comb, and then at the bottom of comb the hair. When hair is hard to comb, the host can use scissors hair trim off the ball, and then in the comb. To the Afghan hound after comb the hair, clean your dog's ears, eyes, trim toenails. Master to Afghan hound clean the ear canal, use absorbent cotton to tie up on the hemostatic embedded of wash water, keep wet cotton does not drip, and then the effective health clean dog ears. For Afghan hound nail clipping, as long as toe nails trimmed off white transparent, and then the dog's nails edge smooth, prevent it from harm.
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