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Alaska dog ears cleaning method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-12
Careful observation, it is easy to found Alaska will have some dirty foreign body inside ear, it is to use something directly to put it out, but it is easy to get hurt easily Alaska dog, what's the Alaska ear hungry cleaning method? Ear hair cleaning: for some hanging ears long-haired dog, ear hair need regular cleaning, lest, like a screen blocking wax normal discharge, and make the inflammation of the ear canal. Clear ear hair long out of the ear canal is a particularly upset thing, but to keep Beijing, than the bear, the Old English sheepdog, VIP, Yorkshire and other long-haired dog, the dog's parents, should have regular cleaning of the ear hair consciousness. The so-called clean ear hair, is pulling ear hair, not trim. Because if just cut hair root or in the skin, these short ear hair will continue to grow, and the new ear hair, of the inner ear to ear hair will be more and more, less than clean the ear hair fundamentally. Pull the ear hair, take a handful of ear hair quickly and then pull down. As you can imagine this process will be a little sore, so the dog will feel uneasy. There is the ear of a special powder, can make the process easier. Before defeathering squeeze some powder into the inner ear, and then rub with the hand, the ear of the mint cool powder can relieve the strain on the dog's mood, also can reduce the pain in dogs. Don't have to worry about the powder in the ear in the dog's ear, because cleaned up the ear hair ear no ear hair, who got a dog when the surplus ear out. Finally remember, every time after give dogs pulling ear hair must massage the dog's ears, touch its head, comfort, and praise it. Need special attention is, don't literally for puppy dog ears. Puppies ear is very fragile, it is necessary to master very careful nursing don't wrong, he will check the smell of dog ears, inflammation, and the accumulation of wax. If the wax is not much need not worry too much, wax natural protective effect to the ear, only if the wax accumulated too much need to clean up. As long as the cotton ball is stained with ear drops with oil inside clean your dog's ears. But in the clear wax will pile up again after a week you should see a doctor, this is a manifestation of the puppy has ear mites. Healthy dog ears should not have the wound or gap, sensitive to noise. Opened the pinna, ear clean without sticky secretions, no smell, inner ear color pink. If a dog is always tilted his head, not to shake the ear naturally, or friction walls, the furniture with ears, probably it's uncomfortable, inner ear should be carefully check in time, handle in time according to different situation.
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