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Any discount for large order lightweight dog grooming table ?
But how big the order is? You are expected to contact us first. Then specific salesperson will be arranged. Price, service, technology and suchlike product details will be provided. dog grooming table is a key product to us. The mass production and production capacity make it possible to offer discount if the order is big enough. The point-in-time you place an order may be considered when the discount is offered. This is dependent on the operating rate in different periods.

Specialized in the developing, design, manufacturing, and marketing of heavy duty dog crate, Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. is developing and moving to a new stage with year-and year increase market share. pet cage is the main product of Lingyu. It is diverse in variety. The quality of Shenyue&Lingyu dog grooming arms and loops is improved through a series of mechanical and chemical treatments. They are softening, antibacterial treatment, stain-resistant treatment, antistatic treatment, etc. The product is applicable to pets such as rabbits, dogs, and cats. The actual site work of this product can be completed very swiftly and with little disruption to other trades or the public. The product is safe and healthy, and it won't cause allergies to any pets.

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