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Any promotion team established by Lingyu in foreign countries?
Of course yes! Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to the sales in foreign countries already. We have a professional sales team and a delicate service team to support this business. They are the so-called promotion team. They are always ready to answer any questions raised by the first comers and to serve the clients. Each year they would organize many activities on behalf of our company to promote the new launches together with the classical products. They are our pioneers on the market!

Lingyu enjoys increasing popularity both at home and abroad. The ability to produce veterinary surgical table makes us be thought as the leader in the industry. pet dryer is the main product of Lingyu. It is diverse in variety. The product gives adequate shock-absorption. Gel, or midsole, all of these materials cushion and reduce impact when the foot strikes the ground. The product is characterized by skid resistance. Eye-catching lines and elegant curves are just two of the most striking features that people will notice the first time they see this product. It is scratch-resistant and maintains its original surface for a long time.

We are a recognized leader in corporate responsibility. We work hard to create greater value for clients, partners, and shareholders, and create growth opportunities for our employees.
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