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Are we informed about grooming cages wholesale weight and volume after shipment?
Of course. The freight cost is determined by the volume and weight of the packed cargo. Different modes of transport also charge differently for the same quantity and weight of products. For example, if you are in urgent need of the products and prefer to choose air transportation, a pricing technique - the volumetric weight, for commercial freight transport, needs to be adopted. Our partner - logistics company, will provide the exact dimensional weight including the length, width, and height, and also the weight of the grooming cages wholesale box.
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It is known from the comparison that Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. is advanced in grooming arm industry . Lingyu has created a number of successful series, and pet dryer is one of them. Lingyu veterinary operating table is manufactured undergoing a process of semiconductor wafer cutting by snapping the wafer along the crystal plane or by sawing with a diamond saw. The shapes and sizes can be customized based on the sizes of the pet. The product has a deodorant function. It is manufactured with advanced deodorization technology combining with a delicate formula that aims to eliminate odor. The product is BPA-free and does no harm to the human.
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We engage pro-actively with suppliers in an effort to ensure ethical practices and help our customers find sustainable solutions to critical issues bringing about real changes.

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