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Attention to bathe a bulldog

by:Lingyu     2020-03-31
In the process of raising dogs, in order to make it clean to have a healthy body, the owners should also regularly give it a bath. Everyone is below small make up for the clean about attention problems to bathe the bulldog, welcome everyone to read! Before the formal to bathe the dog, take a shower of tool should be ready. For example, comb hair comb, wool washing liquid, scissors, bath towel, hair pet pet hair dryer, basin and so on. Before washing the bulldog, should first for dog grooming, pruning, and then began to take a bath. Before bath for dog grooming, can make intertwine Mao Tong open, prevent the hair tangles is more serious. At the same time can rid chunks of dirt on the hair. Grooming, in order to reduce and avoid pain, bulldog should comb gently and slowly. Then for the dog's nails trimmed, prevent to take a bath in the process, the dog nervous escape and scratches the master's hand. Such as the preparation ready, master the bath can be prepared for it. The bulldog bath water temperature keeps in 36 - 38 degrees. The water bath or bath should be in 5 - 10 cm deep bath can also put a mat, so that the dog is not easy to slip and fall. Then gently will pit bulls get wet body, then wash Mao Lou in play, gently rub the dog dog body parts with both hands. Starting from the head, neck, back, chest, abdomen, arms and legs, hips, then its tail, with massage technique rub gently again. When cleaning, should prevent shampoo will flow to the eyes or ears. And at the time of washing the dog body, must be thoroughly, do not use shampoo stranded in dogs, in case the stimulus dog skin and cause skin inflammation. After washing the bulldog, must will the dog body of water with a towel to wipe dry, and then blow dry thoroughly, in order to prevent the bulldog catch cold sick. Though, he will timely and regularly to bathe the bulldog, but not too often to bathe the dog, so as not to damage the skin surface layer, causes the bulldog skin is a skin disease.
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