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Bathe the dog

by:Lingyu     2020-05-02
For pet dog bath, is also an important learning. Go to know about the below attention bathe the dog! A, pet dog bath back to point 1, summer wash many times in principle to allocate, because of the season of summer belongs to the height of the dog hormone secretion, exercise also is bigger, easy to be infected by bacteria, so the bath can bring down the temperature. Summer should master three to four days to help the dog dog take a shower. 2 wash if in the winter or autumn and winter to reduce, due to the low temperature, if the feeding active slowly, so pet dog is easy to catch cold catch cold, so a weekly or every two weeks. In addition, exercise more, posture is fat, the body is sturdy dog can bath a few times more. Second, Suggestions for high and low water temperature bathe the dog note: 1, normal temperature, temperature control range pet dog pet dog take a shower of the time and frequency should be special attention. If be in the winter, the temperature of the bath can best close to body temperature, which means in 35 to 38 degrees or so, the dog will feel quite comfortable; If the water is too hot, can cause systemic skin vasodilation, affect the brain blood flow. 2, special attention for harbor puppies bitches, if the water temperature is too high, will let the belly baby fetal hypoxia, consequence will be unimaginable. If it's a hot day to play back, don't soak in cold water on this will be a dog, or wool stoma closure quickly, heat will not spread in the body. Three bath time needed, with length 1, don't spend too long in any season, the dog dog take a shower of time is not suitable for too long, because the cold can easily into the body inside, and skin can be due to a lack of grease and become more dry, will destroy the natural protective layer, accumulated for a long time is easy to suffer from a variety of skin disorders. Length of 2, the best cost each time to bathe the dog owners who can best control in 15 minutes or so, even if the pet to play inside, master also will bring out the dog dog, especially in the winter, if always stuffy inside in the toilet, pet easy to preserving part of hypoxia. Number 3, control the number of important to take a bath, don't too often, and the time cannot too long, otherwise easy to develop oil and normal bacteria on the skin, easy cause itchy skin conditions, such as body immunity will decline. Four, avoid special session 1 bath, just finished eating the dog dog if just eat satisfied, in one fell swoop for bath, can make the dilated vessels in the body surface, only a small amount of blood flow to the stomach, cause digestive problems and blood sugar to drop, easy to have fainted. 2, heart, after the movement of oxygen to the brain, the dog is not suitable for showers right away, because the blood is in the circulation of limbs, muscle, immediately take a shower can let the heart and brain location have insufficient blood supply, harmful for your health. 3, in the dog's body physique weaker sick uncomfortable or sick, or is not suitable for a shower, because the constitution itself is relatively weak, will may have low blood pressure, easy to cause shock conditions. Benefits more than five, pet bath 1, improve metabolism to help the dog a bath so many advantages, not only can help them to remove oil dirt on the surface, can relieve fatigue, more can help the dog dog sleep quality, accelerate the metabolism of skin, hair, and improve the ability of resistance to germs, 2, sterilization, reduce insect and in addition, if often use warm water to bathe the dog, also can effectively prevent many parasites and related diseases.
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