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Bathe the dog tricks

by:Lingyu     2020-05-02
Give the dog a bath relative to give the cat a bath or a bit more relaxed, it even if not with will not one thousand party hundreds of want to escape. Here is a small make up to share the little skill that bathe the dog, let's take a look at. 1. First compares the dirty wash parts: a dog's four legs, ass and mouth is easy to dirty parts, before for its whole body wash bath, put this a few parts with soap and clean it again. Attention not to use soap bath, because the soap decontamination ability is strong, and very easy to rinse, then gave the dog a general use bath wash again these parts, so after washing a dog's body will be very clean. There will not be washed out found the place like the dog's foot bottom and other places is not a color. 2. Trim around the fart fart MAO: when cleaning dog ass with soap first wash again around the anus, check around the anus are easy to stick on excrement and long hair. Most dogs are very lovely, in the shower and under the condition of wet hair around the bottom was cut is relatively easy. So you can at this time to trim it, but be careful not to cut meat around anus, its meat is tender. 3. Dry cleaning method: for dogs don't like to take a bath, you can take a bottle washing bath to dilute, then under the condition of the dog's hair is dry, the dilution of bath on the dogs and knead a bubble, this is the so-called dry cleaning. This way the dog only in a water rinse bubble burst, so reduce the time it and you the opportunity to compete. But for the height is larger and MAO's thick dog this method is not applicable, because you rush dilute bath easily absorbed by the dry thick hair, you need many, many to knead a bubble, so wash large dogs or wet hair is better. 4. Wash the dog mouth: if it is a flat nose of the dog such as bugs, such as Beijing, had better not water rinsing it face directly, because the dog's nose is very short, and the dog doesn't understand the straightest is easy to let the water into the nose to make it very uncomfortable. You can give it water soaked wet towel to wash the face. Wash a face to face longer dog, also not too easy. Even if you take the lovely dog to wash a face is also a backlash. In when washing a face to them is the key to hold its face with her hands, don't let it hide to hide away. The right approach is to hold it with one hand mouth, think you want to use a little hard to let it than it has power, and with one hand holding a nozzle at the side of the face, let the water flow down from among the dog dog eyes and nose, so that is not wet eyes will not let water into the nose. In the same way, on the other side. 5. Ready for some toilet paper or small pieces of dry towel: it is very necessary. Because it is easy to put the water in the shower in a dog's eye, wash it in the overhead when it will be his head down and let the water from the upper nose, I estimate in it when his head down to stand on the top of the water head will shut up eyes, and other times it's eyes will always open. With toilet paper and small dry towel in time the water from the eyes and nose wipe, your dog will be very pleased. Trouble, of course, you can also use big group of toilet paper on it, because toilet water absorption ability is very strong, and finished with no can throw away directly, is easy with a towel. 6. Suit ready to wash clothes and give the dog a bath: dogs love dumped water in the shower, this also is they shake the water from the body down the only way, but really this way is easy than we wipe for half a day. So don't block it shake water, especially when washing, it shook the body of water as far as possible, don't tube it dust is everywhere. Because it can really shake down a lot of water, air to dry it for us, saves a lot of energy. So as to give it a bath, you have to wear a suit is going to be thrown into the washing machine clothes, because it shake off quite a few out of water to your body. 7. Fortress cotton ball to the dog's ears dog ears into the water easy to cause the ear inflammation, knead in the bath before than two ears mouth slightly larger cotton ball, stuffed into a dog's ears, this inadvertent flow to the inside of the water was blocked by cotton ball. But remember to remember is that taking a bath, because one thousand wet cotton ball has not been a dog left out, will do the opposite!
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