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Beauty than bear dogs

by:Lingyu     2020-04-27
Clean and beautiful dog can show master not only the love of it and attitude towards life, can make the dog dog comfortable and cheerful. Below small make up to introduce the pet beauty than bear modelling photos, I hope useful to you! Pets than bear beauty to keep curly than bear dog best form, that need daily grooming, professional clip, on a regular basis, of course, this kind of care include regularly for it to take a bath and blow dry hair make it fluffy. Developed than bear dog tear ducts, need careful care, eye drops on a daily to dip in cotton to wipe the eye secretions. Coat is beautiful, but because of the generous and curled up, must comb and trimmed regularly every day. Wet weather, the skin problems more easily. Also be careful near the mouth of hair, because easily stained yellow. Eat less snacks with color, use cups water, often for it to wipe the mouth, that can reduce the mouth of the hair color. Each month need to bring it to make a nap, it's necessary to have regular wash and dress, brush. Than bear dog's hair is very unique, fur has very hard spiral curly, so it was very soft and feels very soft, but the hair is easy to tie a knot, especially when using the straps, under his arm, the position of the back, neck, back, do not pay attention to comb the situation of the tie will be very serious, so most dog owners think hair comb at least once a day is necessary. Comb hair method is along the direction of the hair is combed a first, and then reverse the comb. First start with the comb of maojian tea, slowly transition to our roots and comb at the same time, according to the home position of the skin. To hold hair root knot, MAO is encountered, slowly open, try not to use scissors, don't move too much, try to relieve the discomfort of the dog. Don't let the dog hate comb hair, comb after should try to give a reward. How beauty than the bear dog 1 before, taking a bath, be sure to remove hair tangles, because once wet, entanglement is impossible to remove. 2, bathe regularly, at least once a month, using suitable wool washing shampoo, must use high quality hair conditioner, sometimes can add a spoonful of baby skin oil or similar hair agent, in order to prevent the excessive hair dry. 3, shower wash hair shampoo twice to use to clean thoroughly, so should be thoroughly flushed. 4, use towels to wipe, with blowing machine away excess water. 5, while blowing carding, starting from the tail, only a small part at a time, at the same time to shave brush comb unceasingly. Secondly according to the order of the body, limbs, head, ear comb to dry hair, the natural curly hair comb into the shape of the texture is soft and fluffy upright. Thoroughly before 6, trim the hair comb, comb, comb the hair up. 7, ears and head of hair to repair mix into an organic whole, basic look not to come out. More than eight, pruning foot redundant hair. 9, clip the anus under and around the anus hair, tail hair to stay a bit longer. 10, pruning scissors always parallel to the body when hind legs, from the dog behind, dog legs like a neat edge of an inverted u.
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