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Beijing dog hairdressing method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-24
Beijing poodle dog, also called Beijing palace, originating in China, is one of the world's oldest dog breeds. Share of Beijing dog hairdressing method is below small make up, let's take a look at. A. 1 basic nursing work. Brush: use a needle to comb to comb, comb with beauty brush smooth again. Note after ear knot easily. 2. Clean eye: available eyewash and cotton cleaning scale, fold part of the cleaning between the bridge of the nose and eyes at the same time, to keep dry, prevent eye infection, and smell. 3. Clean ear: no ear hair, wash water to clean his ears only external auditory canal and the auricle. 4. Trim nails: using the method of lateral horizontal baoding fixed after trim nails, middle pay attention to rest, don't because of baoding time is too long, make the dog breath and shock. 5. Bath: ear fort cotton, anal gland. 6. Dry: comb to comb while blowing with a needle. 7. Clip foot hair. 8. Repair bottom MAO: cutting head with 10. Second, the modelling cut to 1. Hand cut model (1) the trim around the anus coat: cover around the anus hole with teeth cut clip coat, with above anus hole advisable, pay attention to the scope of not too big. (2) cut hip coat: there is an imaginary line around two separately, the middle line not too obvious. Then the hips with a straight cut into 'apple' shape. (3) cut the hind legs coat: fly above the section thickness in accordance with the legs cut cut a round feeling with his teeth, like a 'chicken legs'; Below the hock trimmed, a small cylinder. Hind feet with straight cut hair cut JiCheng circle around the toe edge, don't open toe. (4) cut tail coat: hold the tail with the hand, make the tail and body into a straight line, the tail coat, down by direct shear cut to form of 'kitchen' or 'half' shape, pay attention to try to keep long coat. 5. Trim the waist coat: teeth cut one-third in the body length and a third junction closed properly after lumbar treatment, pay attention to the waist too obvious. 6 clip side coat: two-thirds of coat do not take on the side, the 1/3 are Mao Yong teeth cut cut into a circular arc form. Cruelly cut abdomen: coat with teeth cut cut to 'bottom' form. End trim forelimbs coat: the forelimbs with teeth cut back coat tilted 45 degrees of clip, natural connection with abdominal line, other three sides according to the fore the thickness of the cut out round feeling, make whole fore shape is like 'chicken legs'. Front foot circle using direct shear. Pet-name ruby pruning chest: coat made full teeth cut from the chin to the chest of arc clip, center of lift as far as possible, chest has a sleek and shape of the uplift, and the lower chest and belly line combined with nature. Attending clip head coat: the head and ears are MAO tried not cut. If the head is too round, can make the appropriately. 2. Electricity cut operation (1) the lion put: forward the coat of dog at the Withers before, with 7 f segment from the shoulder blades shave back to dog sciatic end, tail after shave 2/3, the tail a third of the coat to make up the 'brush'. Front and hind legs cut nature, the foot circle. Hip trimmed. Chest cut off redundant coat, making it the lion chest hair. Linked to electricity cut cut cut belly with his teeth. (2) summer: to comb the neck before coat ahead, with 4 f shave the ischiatic back end of the cutting tools. MAO for head and neck area. Tail shave to 1/2, the tail and to make up brushes. Before and after pruning nature, the foot circle. Linked to electricity cut cut cut belly with his teeth the coat.
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