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Bulldog beauty care method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-28
Raises the dog is laborious and requires a great deal of patience, pay a lot of energy. Is below small make up to share the bulldog method of beauty care, let's take a look at. Repair nails, nail clipping on a regular basis. Nails are too long words will make the dog has very discomfort, at the same time is also easy to damage goods such as textiles, furniture and carpets; Sometimes too long nails will be split, easy to cause local infection. In addition, the great toe of the dog has been degraded, slightly above the inside of the foot position there long fly toe, known as 'the Wolf's paw,' it is a purely in excess of degradation, interfere with the dog walking, is also very easy to make the dog scratch yourself. Ear ear cleaning: bulldog, very easy to accumulate fat, dust and moisture, especially large ears, prolapse of auricular often cover the ear canal, or near the ear hair ( Such as poodles, Beijing dog, etc. ) Also can cover the ear canal, so ear due to air circulation, easy fouling wet and inflammation of the ear infection. Therefore, to check the ear of the dog, if it is found that dogs often scratch ears, or continuously shook his head forcibly set ears, that dog ear has a problem, should be carefully check in time. Earwax method is: use alcohol cotton ball disinfection plane, first wash with dog's professional ear fluid, filling, knead a ears gently knead, dogs will automatically be thrown out after letting go of it, the dog's ear is L, all the cleaning of the ear and ear way out is not correct. To have inflammation of the ear canal, available 4% boric acid glycerol ear drops, 2. Glycerin 5% chloramphenicol ear drops, cortisone neomycin ear drops and ear drops, 3 times a day. In addition, should be trimmed regularly nearby the ear hair, prevent shampoo and water splash ear canal while taking a bath. Carding: 1. When combing should use special equipment, can not be user with comb and brush. Iron the use of the comb is holding the comb back in hand, to the wrist soft swing, lateral to comb, coarse, breakdown, the object of comb used interchangeably. The use of the comb is to use the power of the wrist, brush teeth, eyes, when combing single-handedly lift hair, brush brush good then others. 2. When combing movements should be gentle meticulous, can't rough foolhardy, otherwise the dog will feel pain, sensitive parts of the carding ( External genital organs, for example) Near by MAO especially need to be careful. 3. Attention should be paid to watch dog skin. Clean pink is good, if appear red or eczema, allergic skin diseases, parasites, etc,, it is possible that should be treated in a timely manner. 4. Find lice, fleas and other parasites, it shall timely with thin wire brush to brush treatment or the use of pesticides. 5. Has serious contamination, coat at the same time of carding, shall cooperate to use protect hair vegetable, 1000 times dilution) And baby powder. Before the comb by hair, if can use the hot water soaks towel to wipe the body and the coat will be more bright. 6. The fine balance ( Bottom MAO) Tangles serious dog, with a comb or steel wire brush along the direction of hair growth, starting from maojian tea to comb, and comb the hair roots, bit by bit, can not be hard to comb, lest cause pain, and pull out hair. If the rolling and making felts severe, can use the scissors cut along the direction of the hair shaft will ZhanPian, sorted out and then, when the comb is still not open, can be felt part of the cut, to grow new hair gradually. Dental care: teeth is dog chew and chew food, especially the important tool of hard bones. Like one tooth, when food crumbs or debris storage in his teeth, can cause bacteria breeding in his teeth, cause tooth decay or gum inflammation, affect appetite and digestion. So often or regularly check the dog's teeth, handle in time when problems found. Method: dip in with wet cotton ball was ( Don't choose and employ persons with toothpaste, dogs don't like the taste) To remove tartar. Generally the dog brush teeth 1 times weekly. In addition, want to often to feed dog bones, can satisfy the desire of dog bite things, also can achieve the purpose of the abrasive brush and solid tooth.
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