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Butterfly bath method and the matters needing attention

by:Lingyu     2020-03-28
Guide language: pets dogs will regularly for the dog a bath, and the expert reminds, regularly take a bath and grooming is very important for butterfly. Comb can make the dog's fur clean and healthy. At the same time, the host can also check whether dogs suffering from if there is a parasite in the skin or hair. Is beneficial to the health of the butterfly. Below is the small make up to you to introduce a butterfly dog a bath method and points for attention, you go to see ~ to bathe a butterfly butterfly is very simple, the temperature of the bath, is unfavorable and exorbitant too low, general spring to 36 degrees Celsius, in the winter the most suitable for 37 degrees Celsius. Before formally to bathe a butterfly, must first comb by hair, so can make intertwine Mao Tong open, prevent the hair tangles is more serious. Can also be cut large pieces of dirt to remove, easy to wash. Especially around the mouth, ears, armpits, shares the place such as the medial, tiptoe, dogs are reluctant to let a person more to comb combing parts clean. Before bath for dog grooming butterfly, in order to reduce and avoid the pain of the dog, but holding the hair root, another hand. Must prevent when bathing shampoo will flow to the eyes or ears. Flush thoroughly, don't make lather or shampoo retention in the body, prevent irritate skin and cause skin inflammation. : when to bathe a butterfly, the host should choose in the warm morning or afternoon, don't in air humidity big or humid rainy weather to butterfly dog a bath. After washing the butterfly, the host should also be timely use hair pet pet hair dryer to pet the dog's hair dry, prevent the dog catch a cold sick.
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