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Butterfly beauty step

by:Lingyu     2020-04-13
Butterfly hair beauty regularly, so that we can keep it have a very full, beautiful modelling. Below small make up is the butterfly beauty step, let's take a look at. Butterfly beauty step the first step, before the formal for butterfly dogs shearing, should first will use the tool ready. Such as a piece of cloth, scissors, comb, and comb, nail Qian and ear powder, etc. The second step, yi, on the floor or a table with this is to prevent the butterfly slip and fall. Shop is a good step after let butterfly standing on the cloth. The third step, for the butterfly to comb with the comb in the hair. Especially those tangled hair comb to open. If there is, of course, is the comb does not open, then use scissors proper pruning is necessary. After the fourth step, the butterfly hair smooth, can start shearing for it. Pay attention to the trim as a whole, had better not shave hair oh butterfly. Step 5, on both sides of the head, neck, body, steps such as too long to cut short hair. Then in accordance with the standard model slowly modify hair. Step 6, in the head, ears and other parts after pruning, you can give it the hair clip toe. Building is important to note that the toe of hair clip is clean, also don't hurt it. To butterfly beauty of finishing coat, first is to learn the finishing coat, finishing coat is an important work to dog beauty. Instruments of finishing coat with razor thin, scissors, great circle comb, knife, brush, etc. Through combing, brush, cut hair, shaving, defeathering, perm hair wait for a variety of methods. Make the dog's coat is becoming more attractive. Brush is the dog every day in the home is the most basic method of beauty, the order of the brush is chest - The back - The flank - The abdomen - The tail - The hind legs. After shun first comb and then comb to comb, can effectively remove coat of dust, sand, can fall off the coat. Brush can maintain is the luster of the hair, wipe out waste, clean the skin, so as to promote the circulation of the blood. Choose the length of the brush hair must be selected according to breed, and combing the same brush order. Defeathering schnauzer is often use hairdressing method, hair pulling, scrap can stimulate hair root, thus new hair grow stronger. Shaving is used in some varieties, hair with a razor shave. Shearing to need according to the breed standard, the coat changes into the shape of a fixed, make the dog more attractive, and conceal defects in dogs, and exaggerated the advantages of the dog. Perm hair is hair with hot towel apply, or is the use of a perm, hair curler to perm that coat beautification into definite shape. Second, according to the breed of dog is different, need to also should learn to tail, ears, dew claws anaplasty, etc. In order to be able to make the dog's face looks more power, often for some breed broken ear surgery. Broken ear surgery best time is the puppy during the period of two to three months, the general anesthesia, when broken ear plug ShangMian inside ear plug. According to the breed standard to determine the part of the ear, and removal of the outer ear along a certain area, tip of ear traction by the head and then dress, two to three days after can remove the bandage, carried out in accordance with the conventional wound treatment. Tail cosmetic surgery can make dog appearance beautiful, life is convenient. In two weeks the puppy dog tail near the tail is 1 to 2 cm according to the varieties of standard, touch the need to cut off the tail joints. Dog's hind legs radical usually only four toes, sometimes, lientang gives birth to the extra toe. This is because the dog originated in the Wolf, so it is also called dew claws. Dew claws in dogs can affect walking when I grow up, so will the puppies are born within a week after resection.
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