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Butterfly daily hair care skills

by:Lingyu     2020-04-13
Butterfly for ear hair upright adornment, named is like a dancing butterfly, also known as the butterfly ear dogs and dogs of Babylon. Below small make up is the butterfly daily hair care skills, let's take a look at. To butterfly beauty is a very important link, the right beauty will according to the breed standard butterfly, hair texture, hair length and the effect of varies factors. Normally, the host for dogs combing hair several times a week, you can keep the hair clean and healthy. Beauty, of course, also includes the content of the lot, choose suitable wool washing water, trim hair tip, on schedule and will be very good to stimulate hair growth. Give your pet dog beauty and hair care strictly speaking is a more professional technical work. Master in managing their beloved dog butterfly hair, should first asked professional pet beautician, choose the suitable tools, supplies, learning the correct way to comb. So that his love dog radiant butterfly, not only has beautiful appearance, more to have a healthy and strong body. Sitting right beauty care, reasonable nutrition to the hair growth occurs when hou and physical health has a lot of help, especially in the cold dry weather conditions. If the owner wants the pet dogs have butterfly in a free and natural hair, beautiful and elegant appearance, then the master don't miss the butterfly beauty hair dogs and golden season. Must be timely for dogs to do hairdressing regularly, maintain a healthy dog has a charming appearance. To butterfly beauty is mainly hair beauty work, in daily life, the master in addition to removing the pet dogs to the death of MAO and kept clean, necessary beauty grooming to pet the dog's body is also good. For example, often to the butterfly dog grooming, can make the skin secretion of oils and fats split evenly on the hair surface, debris removal of the skin, promote blood circulation, etc. , at the same time also can stimulate hair growth. Expand reading: butterfly butterfly beauty standards of health hair monolayer, silk, fine, fine, rich, elegant and full of elasticity, his chest with a grenade side, back, side of the body and tidy flat, skull, muzzle, legs, front and hind legs freed under the dense undercoat, front leg behind top-down sweet bone fetlock, less hind legs Shan department more than silk wool rich and elegant 'culottes'. Ear inside surface have silk tassel fringe, the tail is equipped with a soft feather hairy, foot out short fine fur toes form the lovely small north. To butterfly beauty is relatively easy, as long as according to certain methods, mastering the butterfly beauty standards. Butterfly dog fur is often referred to as quality nylon material, not sticky dust, only a few minutes a day can keep it clean, master also trimmed regularly to dog fur at the bottom of the foot. To butterfly bath when use some children shampoo with high quality, and then with blower, side brush, especially pay attention to the ear. No wastewater residual lag the bath, dry with sterile cotton ball. Experienced butterfly beauty, generally can choose some light oils such as coconut oil, to put it on the ear tassel and ear or body, can make the butterfly shows superior performance in the pageant. Including the beauty or some special occasions, butterfly dogs need a thorough 'dry washing'. For the owner to butterfly beauty to timely, but beauty is not excessive, appropriate to the pet dog beauty, it is very important to master the butterfly beauty standards.
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