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Choose what pet blowing machine is the need to know

by:Lingyu     2020-03-28
Bathe the dog is not a hassle, real time is their coat dry. If breeding is small dogs, ordinary high power blower is enough. But for large long-haired dog, household hair pet hair dryer is certainly not suitable for, or estimate the along while all to consumption in the hair above. So if it is for big size dog a bath, then is preparing a pet blowing machine is more appropriate. Actually blow water machine is high power blower, its working principle and in a somewhat different hair pet pet hair dryer, hair pet hair dryer blowing at the same time also can produce some heat used to accelerate the evaporation. While blowing machine is simply against the strong wind to blow the moisture of the dog dog. Choose the water machine is not bigger is better, some small blow water machine also has good except water. Pay attention to the wind and percussion when choosing blowing machine. Is not to say that the higher the wind speed wind generator is better, only percussion power table is also high, high wind speed is meaningful. Blown out wind speed faster, otherwise there is no strength is of no significance. Winds blowing machine, but the downside is that voice is bigger, so may be nervous when touching, so stable feeding mainly good dog's emotions. Wait to dog familiar voice after blowing up will be more convenient. When blowing, can according to from above, once upon a time in the future the way on the skin, at the start of the is a direction to blow, or just blow out of the water will be blown back, efficiency will reduce a lot. Wait for dry after roughly is not so much stress. Moreover after blowing out, wait for a while, because some dog's coat is very easy to return, had just blown feel more dry, wet and a little later, this is we need to blow in a short while again, will be hair completely dry.
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