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Chow chow beauty steps

by:Lingyu     2020-04-05
Chow chow is a more beautiful and lovely dog. In general,. Beauty is below small make up to share the chow chow steps, let's take a look at. A, 1 to chow chow beauty equipment, a high quality dog with stainless steel comb 2, buy a very good balance scissors (7 inches 1 inch = 2. 54 cm) , be careful not to fall from a height, because it will damage the scissors blade and balance. 3, also need a medium to comb brush and a number of needles, ( There is a high quality nail scissors and check blood meal) 。 4, need high quality protect hair oil, and in accordance with qualitative bath. ( Must not use bath waves of choose and employ persons, because human skin ph value and canine skin ph is different) 5, and finally, prepare a pet hair dryer, it is recommended to use a type, but head with hair pet pet hair dryer also suffice. , to chow chow beauty steps 1, 2 to give a chow chow chow chow your nails nails this step is the fastest, but it is not easy to achieve most, it is necessary to cut nails once a week. Nails should be used according to the instructions on the right steps. Sometimes, because the nails too short, nails will bleed, then check blood meal is very useful. After 2 to bathe a chow chow, cut nails, can give a chow chow need a bath. Before bath, all the best for the chow chow's eyes on drop some of the oil washing eye drops, this will prevent bath stimulation to the eyes. The shower first to thoroughly wet hair, then use the bath, forcibly knead ( Note, do not scratch the skin) To make it fully foaming, when it's whole body is full of bubbles, can wash. Washing is the most important steps in the shower, make sure there is no residual legacy of bath, because their skin will have the very big harm. After rinsing, dry body in bath for it and remove it from the water in the ear. Three, to the next step is to chow chow chow chow blowing blowing, at this time should let you chow chow lateral side lie down on the beauty and in the beginning of this work may be done two people, but pay attention to finally make it to obey you. When blowing should begin from chow chow abdominal and leg hair, then gradually upward to the spine. Attention will be given to the wind is so big that you can see the chow chow's skin, even the hair is the most lucrative chow chow. After dry in the other side of the yard, and then let it stand upper blow dry hair. A bath should be once a month, but competed chow chow need to take a bath every week, don't listen to people tell you to take a bath every week can make hair dry lost, if use professional bath fluid and protect hair oil, coupled with good nutrition, your chow chow would not be so! When your chow chow was completely combing hair, you can use scissors to repair long, affects the overall outline of hair. Then gently on its whole body to play with a thin layer of oil, cosmetic work're done! Last should remember is that short hair some places should be combed with the brush, and should use a needle to comb hair long place.
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