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Collie, beauty techniques

by:Lingyu     2020-03-29
Guide language: the collie has good appearance and characteristics. In daily life, the host or on a regular basis to pet dogs for beauty. To shepherd regular grooming, nails trimmed, trim hair, etc. , to ensure that dogs have a healthy and beautiful modelling. Below let small make up to you to introduce collie, hairdressing techniques, we go to see ~ collie collie, body covered with soft luster long hair, the bottom is thick hairs, fluffy, very beautiful. And the host to shepherd dog grooming needs 1 - every day 2 times. Owners can use mane comb comb by hair of suitable wool direction, also comb up, starting from the feet up the layers. Then combing the chest hair until the chin, on both sides of the body, back. Master comb if found in the process of tangled hairball, first hand holding in hair root, combed with comb a little wide. If the comb can't open spray hair conditioner, wait 10 minutes post-processing. If still won't do, with scissors longitudinal cut into several small ball and combed. Especially in pet dogs in MAO, breeders must frequently for dog grooming in a timely manner. In addition to the normal daily grooming to Sue MuQuan, master also regularly give dog a bath. The dog a bath appliance should be used professional pet utensils. In Scotland MuQuan dog a bath must choose in the mild weather afternoon, cleaning every time, should the shower gel on the dog's body such as clean, and after taking shower, master must use hair pet pet hair dryer will dog's hair is completely dry, to prevent the collie, catch a cold is ill.
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