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Commanding, beauty care method

by:Lingyu     2020-05-23
Pomeranian appearance beautiful, thick hair, soft body. Below small make up to introduce the commanding, beauty care method, I hope it can help you! 1, regularly for the kennel dogs a bath. The dog once a week, other dogs once every two weeks in the summer, winter four to six times on Monday. To take a bath, can promote the growth of new hair removal of the dirty hair, bath can also prevent the sensitive skin. Because dog skin PH value and the human is different, so please use pet special bath to your dog. 2, if are you going to take part in the race, Pomeranian best before the game or the next day to take a bath every day, if you had the correct Pomeranian rough coat and have qualitative feeling, that would not make their hair become soft. Or your Pomeranian hair if some soft, then before the game should be 4 to 5 days for them to take a shower. This will prevent dry clay soil or dirt and wear their hair. Due to the cleaning quality of dry powder is limited, it is best not to often use to them. 3, pomeranians nails must be maintained in the shortest possible way, so as to keep their feet are typical of the cat. Remember to check for toe and timely pruning. Near the anus also need to keep a very short hair. In the summer, if there is no game in recent months, I will put their hair cut short, they would like change hair style. And in the winter they will restore the original appearance again hair. 4, before to dog grooming, should be wet coat. In the absence of wet dog grooming, hair may be broken. Add an ounce of regulator to spray bottle onto the dog when combing, finally comb combing with bristle brush or needle. If have the cluster of MAO, don't use a needle to comb to comb, otherwise it will cause damage to the skin. Bristle brush for the Pomeranian dog grooming effect is very good! 5, if possible, don't give the dog with contain silicone products, this will affect the dog's coat. If you must use the product, be sure to clean in 2 or 3 days, also do not use on a hot day.
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