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Defeathering knife and bottom MAO rake

by:Lingyu     2020-04-09
Today send multiple pet grooming school small make up to introduce two kinds of pet grooming tools is defeathering knife and bottom MAO rake. Defeathering knife generally applicable in the scale and beauty, MAO's purpose is to keep the original hair hair root. Defeathering dogs can be more perfect. Bottom of rake is commonly used to handle dogs bottom MAO MAO, shape, let redundant hair, fluffy rake off, make hair look smooth and tidy. ( See image below) Defeathering knife: according to the pitch of wide and narrow specifications, the number of commonly used for the 4. Dogs at the level of beauty ShiGang MAO part with defeathering knife for beauty. Bottom MAO rake: specification classification according to the tooth spacing to differentiate, are divided into wide tooth, tooth, serration. Dogs at the end of beauty when using rake scraped bottom MAO MAO. Such as the bottom of the golden retriever, chow chow hip bottom MAO MAO, giant schnauzer bottom hair, etc.
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