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Do the Pomeranian hair tips

by:Lingyu     2020-04-09
To help the Pomeranian become more beautiful, producers without hair to take care of it every day. Here is a small make up to share with the Pomeranian hair technique, let's take a look at. Do the Pomeranian hair skill is combing Pomeranian up in the morning every day for it every day, you will find it will be a mess, the fur the parents should be combed for it smoothly. Usually have the time, of course, also can give the Pomeranian carding, so that we can timely it hair removing dirt, keep the hair shiny and clean. Also regularly bathed it clean bath cycle are no fixed rules, of course, as long as can be decided according to the actual situation of the dog dog body, but not too often. To bathe the Pomeranian is needed 'shampoo', of course, people use the shower gel are not very suitable for pet dog. Bathed the Pomeranian should choose professional pet shampoo. Don't to covet convenient save trouble, just use other shampoo. Tip pomeranians to the growth of healthy hair, need enough nutrients supply. Prepare some food to feed the Pomeranian high protein and nutrient equilibrium, that it will be very helpful for the healthy growth of hair in it, one of the important methods of also is very the Pomeranian hair. Pomeranian pomeranians hair hair care method is double coat, divided into the bottom of wool and hair. The usual care is also very important, first of all, combing, tool is very important for carding, is also important. First, use a needle to comb layers from the feet began to comb. Knot, not too hard, a comb, so very hurt hair, then along the direction of the hair comb. Second, comb with the handle, the inverse to comb the hair direction, make it fluffy. Third, at home can get rid of the foot hair with scissors, so can prevent slippery, on the other hand, nails, also want to cut off, so as not to make the foot injury affects gait. Although the Pomeranian is small dogs, no body odor, but they are naughty and lovely, often make a suit of dust, dirt and so on, so need to be clean. Breeding condition is good, the floor clean, take a shower of interval can be a bit longer, general cleaning for 2 months or so, the female labor need to wash before childbirth after the tail and the hips will be dirty, clean the dirty parts, avoid puppies infected with the virus.
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