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Don't give the dog dog take a shower of six kinds of circumstances

by:Lingyu     2020-05-26
Bath is pleasure, but the dog is in a state of the following suggested that parents don't give the dog a bath, what are the specific? And see it together: 1, just after the vaccine dog just after the vaccine dog within a week can take a bath, because this time the dog's resistance is poor, energizer also don't bring your dog go out activities, if parents think the dog is so dirty, dry powder is a good choice. 2, birth and breastfeeding mother dog dog during pregnancy and lactation wool is very severe, especially the long-haired dog, the dog. So to give the dog dog to take a bath in prenatal, otherwise the time in the past, the dog dirty in confined more is not good to take a bath, out hair will be more serious! Parents are the best in front of the dog in cut off the dog shit strands of hair around, to ensure that the dog smooth production and postpartum health care, or production ass after MAO will defiled with blood, and also can't give the dog a bath. Poor condition 3, body resistance is weak in the dog dog and elderly, recovering from ailing dog is not appropriate to take a bath, if take a shower and cause a cold, it's worse, if a dog is too dirty parents can choose dry powder or for a dog with a towel to wipe it. 4 just eat satisfied if the dog, the dog dog had just eaten dinner, suddenly shower skin blood vessels dilate, less blood flow to the stomach, cause indigestion and lower blood glucose, dog fainting easily. 5, do not immediately shower after vigorous exercise the dog dog dog so carved in limbs, muscle, blood bathe immediately to make the heart and brain blood supply is insufficient, detrimental to health. 6, on a rainy day, should not be particularly damp weather dog a bath if meet thunderstorm weather is not suitable to give the dog a bath. A dog after the bath, opens pores, hair's natural oils will reduce above, it can't recover in a short time, most will be ignored by parents, and cause disease.
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