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Drying and beauty products

by:Lingyu     2020-04-03
In this chapter we introduced the pet grooming tools scissors and a comb, today to introduce the pet hairdressing and beauty products related drying equipment. Blow water machine: points of different power. Large and medium-sized dog use of 3000 ~ 6000 w. Commonly used type is 2800 w. Method of use: blow water machine on the blow away the hair moisture at the same time its constant temperature can be used to dry skin and straighten hair. Long-haired dog along wind is blown away moisture let MAO MAO, against hair blowing can have the effect of dry skin and straighten hair. For short hair dogs blowing machine nozzle can be blown away moisture on the skin, dry skin. Blower: there are two kinds, a kind of portable binocular blower, is a kind of vertical or suspension arm with the function of anion pet hair dryer, can lock the moisture and constant temperature state at 60 ℃, reach the temperature on the hair between 40 ~ 50 ℃. When using a hair pet pet hair dryer to save time, to suck the moisture on the hair with towel, increase the skin's heat. The role of the drying oven, drying oven is drying skin. Before using the drying box blow away the moisture on the dog hair 80% ~ 90%, then use the drying oven drying. For some large dogs can not completely after use hair dryer blow dry skin is dry, you can use the drying oven drying fur completely. Beauty machine classification: beauty can be divided into from modelling, the round could lift beauty. Square beauty machine is carried out in accordance with the mesa size and beauty sets of classification.
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