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Electricity cut the maintenance method of the cutting tools

by:Lingyu     2020-04-07
Pet grooming tools for pet beautician in addition to technology is one of important, so we want to pay attention to the use of tools maintenance at ordinary times, next, send multiple pet beautician will introduce electric scissors for you head maintenance method. Maintenance of the cutting tools: the new cutting head is made of steel, before using the new cutter cutter grinding once let steel body with a layer of protective film before using. Don't in water or moisture cutting head, or easy to rust oxide. Daily maintenance: used the above piece pushed to the side of the cutting tools of the cutting tools will brush clean, also the other half is brushed again. Then push the cutting head piece to a half, to drop a drop of oil in the side for protection of the cutting tools. Weekly maintenance: use a bit of oil in a container, put a bit on electricity cut, the tip of the electric scissors head at the side of the oil, start the electricity cut 1 ~ 3 minutes, clean up the broken hair inside the head piece. Disinfection of the cutting tools: use professional maintenance of disinfectant, not can use alcohol instead of ( That will damage the cutter makes its oxidation) Ozone disinfection, still can use or high temperature disinfection disinfection cabinet, can also be ultraviolet light disinfection. Aim is to avoid the carrier of the cutting tools make pet cross infection skin diseases.
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