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Feel the beauty of skill

by:Lingyu     2020-05-13
Although each owner has a pet dog hairdressing method, but these parts of the dogs are all the same need beauty in place, in this way can the role of beauty effect. Share is below small make up the bugs of hairdressing skills, let's take a look at. Eyes often examine the dog's eyes, see if there are any strange: red eye, the eye is too much water, corner appeared 'three eyelids' performance eyelid swollen signs are subject, should be immediately medical diagnosis and treatment. Clean dog eyes when applied wet cotton ball or towel, gently rub it around the eye, do not use finger or cotton buds and other hard objects, these tools will be stabbed eyes. Tooth's owner for dog brush your teeth regularly to guard against dental plaque and tartar and formation of periodontal disease. If the dog how to also don't want to brush your teeth, can use soft towel or disinfection ShaDian for dogs wipe clean teeth. Just as well in the dog food in some coarse grinding or finish the food, the food can grind teeth when taste appearance, helps the mouth clean. Hip is a little bit sick, but you'd better often view the dog's butt, check for anal fissure, inflammation, and see if dog feces is stuck to the anus, a mess. If your dog because of inflammation red pain rather than on the toilet, so the anus local was probably out of the title. Then the master must be timely medical treatment. Ears to scrutinize the dog's ears every week, see if there are any inflammation, redness and swelling; A sniff have peculiar smell; Touch it and see the dog will think sting. If all is normal, if have the wax, can on the cotton swab slightly stained with some glycerin, liquidation and finely, probably choose veterinary launched to sweep clean products.
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