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Firewood dog hair knot how to do

by:Lingyu     2020-04-28
Firewood dog will be naughty, may be in the process of playing but their fur is twisted, it can be embarrassing, dog, what should you do? Firewood dog maomao knot how do if firewood dog maomao knot, the knot is used to comb at this moment. Because the knot comb comb is the blade shape, there was hair knot, the knot 'slice' MAO will be down. Encounter hair knot, with his left hand to take hold of MAO 'heel - prevent force when pulling pain shiba inu, use comb hair knot up hard, give full play to the role of the comb hair knot blade comb. When hair knot under the armpit, inner thighs, genitals, around these places use comb hair knot is not convenient, and very sensitive, a little bit hard they will feel pain, at that time is going to use scissors, the hair cut. It is best to use a little small scissors, be very careful when cutting, don't cut the firewood dog meat meat. I first to cut firewood dog under the armpit maomao, cut into its meat. In fact just a little bit, it a loud moan. After cutting, to comb through cut, maomao all comb will be cut down, because they will lick these places, there is no clear in time hair will form new hair knot. Knot in order to prevent the firewood dog maomao, can be in when to bathe the shiba inu, with some olive oil and baby oil, conditional can use some conditioner that re-moisturizes. Because must be completely dry after bathing, maomao in half wet state, will with the action of firewood dog grovel or sit.
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