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For the first time to make the poodle beauty what to do

by:Lingyu     2020-04-21
Guide language: for those who are not as a beauty for a poodle owners, poodle for beauty is lack of experience. The first poodle for beauty to do? To introduce below let small make up to you. You go to see ~ for those who are not as a beauty for a poodle owners, poodle for beauty is lack of experience. That for the first time to the poodle beauty both nervous and excited, so, when he first poodle for beauty need to pay attention to what issues? The first, brush fur from the head start, slowly brush to tail, and legs. With a wire brush to brush mop. Regular brush fur is of great help to your baby, help protect hair skin secretion, make hair healthy and glossy. In addition, the steel brush brush against the dog hair growth direction, makes the hair fleeciness. Second, rhythm and frequent, regular grooming is very important. General pick on you and your dog will have free time, baby best after the dog for a walk back, when he ( She) Spirit more relaxed, more quiet. At the same time, you are not affected by other things bother, with plenty of time to give him, She) To comb. Long-haired dog should brush fur every day, however, short-haired dog twice a week. The interval time not too long. Third, clip long toenail toenail can make the dog has not comfort, but also easy to damage to items such as furniture, textiles and carpets; Long nails will be split easily, easy to cause local infection, obstruction of walking dogs, also easy to make the dog scratch yourself. Therefore, nails trimmed regularly to dog the baby's health. Note that the clip to be patient, at first, just can you touch pads and nails. Then, through several try, you can trim nails. Baby don't worry, take your time, otherwise the dog will not obedient. Clenched paw, strive for success at a time. First to pet the dog and beauty may be more difficult, what is called a second retrogradation, after much practice, believe master technique will be more and more skilled.
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