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For the Siamese cats bathing method and the matters needing attention

by:Lingyu     2020-03-31
Pet Siamese cats don't like to take a bath, so in the Siamese cats when I was a child, is training it to accept and fall in love with a bath. The Siamese cats bathe shoulds not be too frequently, when 2 - in the spring 3 to take a bath once a week, 1 - in summer 2 to take a bath once a week, In the cold winter, it can be 1 - 1 2 months to take a bath. For the Siamese cats before bath, tools and supplies should be ready to take a shower first. For example, a comb, scissors, bath towel, hair pet pet hair dryer, basin, shower gel, and so on. Should choose to bathe the Siamese cat in air conditioning room or a warm and comfortable afternoon. Don't bathed cats in cold wet environment, otherwise the Siamese cats can only getting sick from the cold. Before washing the Siamese cats, for its first comb hair. From the head start, and then followed by the neck, back, chest, abdomen, arms and legs, hips, tail. After the hair comb, with scissors, the Siamese cat cat between your toes for simple clip, will long hair cut off, in order to ensure the normal movement of the Siamese cats can walk. The Siamese cat is suitable for the water temperature in 35 - bath 38 degrees, in the bath before you can put the cat's paw in shower basin under test, if cats don't contradict a bath so you can begin to formal. First will be the cat's body got wet, then play on bath dew, in began to gently knead, knead don't ask, don't have the best from the head start, and then the neck, back, chest, abdomen, limbs, buttocks and tail. Until after the whole body is clean, can use towel to wipe dry, then blow dry. Regular bathing can keep pets Siamese cats, clean and beautiful. Also can remove the body of the parasite, and promote the cat body blood circulation, can effective defense in vitro parasite diseases, and also can have the effect of fitness.
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