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For your cat nail clipping method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-16
How to help your nails, parents should know that a cat, a cat nails without trim will be easy to catch a bad furniture or your skin, it will bring you a lot of trouble. So how to help your nails? Below small make up and simple to teach everyone to give cat nail clipping method, the hope can help you. 1, sitting in a chair, holding the cat in her lap, a little calm, make it more calm. 2, gently holding the cat a paw. Tip: if the cat don't feel comfortable, touch, you can use the towel to encase it tight, then gently pull out one of its paw. Or find helpers took hold of it, and then a manicure. Nails, cat is a shrinkage in the catch a child, in order to make them show it, you can hold it with your thumb pads front-end, and make the front PAWS pour down. 4, make sure that the cat's paw to your nails. Most cats nails darker part contains blood vessels and nerve tissue. Be very careful when your nails, don't cut to get there. Tip: if you accidentally hurt my cat, cut quickly bleeding claws it dipped in check blood meal or corn starch. If the bleeding still more than more than 10 minutes, suggested that took the cat to the pet hospital. 5, because the cat usually use front grip, claw nails after serious is not strong, if your cat has are resistant to your nails, claw nails after it can cut later. 6, the more for your cat your nails, it is more afraid of, so the first stage can cut a nail to it every day. Over time, so the cat will be good to have kept you give it a 'service'.
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