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Giant schnauzer hairdressing method

by:Lingyu     2020-04-10
A schnauzer is terriers, originated in the 15th century in Germany, is the only in the terrier type does not contain varieties of British descent. Below small make up to introduce the giant schnauzer hairdressing method, I hope it can help you! Standard: hair hair hard and dense, including the lining of the soft hair and rough outer hair. Against hair texture, back some upright, MAO neither light nor smooth and rough head hair, beard and eyebrows texture. Giant schnauzer breed comments: just as its name implies is one of the largest in the three schnauzer, stand up, from the bottom to shoulder is 70 cm tall. The Swiss feeding the dog, the German army during world war ii had used it. It is said that giant schnauzer had used for the janitor widely. Giant schnauzer hairdressing method: the dress with pure and fresh and beautiful face in front of people, its pressure, surprisingly perfect. Unkempt appearance, on the other hand, if it is, without modification is absolutely can't meet with the public, is also an extremely sorry to do so. Is the giant schnauzer should be defeathering, defeathering is the best tool knife, this method will not harm the dogs, especially when the hair is very long and is about to fall off, this is the most effective way of beauty, enough to maintain its hard and thick hair according to the standard. Manual defeathering this method has been used for giant schnauzer fans, most people are not familiar with this approach, however, because most pet beautician don't often use this method, they tend to use cut wool implement ( Because it is simple, fast speed and low cost) , however, continuous use can make cut wool implement the texture of the hair become soft and lose hope. Although many giant schnauzer fans don't want the dog, but eager to give the dog to clip, which does not use the necessary manual unhairing methods. We are opposed to use pusher clip hair, because it may cause hair texture becomes loose. However, for those who prefer to use wool implement cut to giant schnauzer clip beautician had better use oster cut wool implement, this cut wool implement price far more costly than normal, but the structure and performance is very good. To better to giant schnauzer beauty, several tools required are: steel comb ( With coarse and medium length wooden teeth) ; Feels very good eyebrow comb to comb; Medium length defeathering knife, cut hair scissors, shaving, blunt scissors ( Used to repair hair around the floor mat) And cut nails. Of course, there are more tools available to giant schnauzer beauty. Some people like to use scissors to trim to the dog some parts, such as the abdomen, this area should not be pulled out, very soft, with 10 blade oster scissors is one of the most ideal. If you like dog hair longer, choose the A5 size blade, blade, medium length choose 7 to shorter blade should choose 10. Every dog has his be fond of, want to consider most of the time of the year it is outdoors or indoors, we recommend 5 blade is the most commonly used types. Trim body hair can use various types of blades, but the head, ears and hair clip of the abdomen can only use 10 blades. Must remember according to the gross grain trim, otherwise it will cut the hair is a mess.
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