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Give a dog a bath 14 points for attention

by:Lingyu     2020-03-30
A lot of matters need attention to bathe the dog, you want to know about the? Below small make up to introduce the 14 points for attention to bathe the dog, the hope can help you! 1, two months after the dog was born in February after bathing, vaccinated for more than two weeks after the start. Outdoor breeding dogs take 3 to 4 times a year, indoor breeding is 20 days to once a month is advisable. The dog's skin is not easy to sweat like humans, don't need to often take a shower. 2 to go for a walk, taking a bath, take a walk before a bath before you let it, let it drain urine and feces, and then in order to take a bath. Put the dog in 36 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ warm water and near the anus first discharge elimination. The sponge soaked in diluted shampoo for dozens of times, and then from the general washing the head back, after clean it with water. Pay attention to don't let the shampoo into the eyes, nose and mouth. Puppies need to pay attention to the 3, to comb hair while taking a bath shower before must first comb by hair, this can make the tangled hair, prevent hair tangles is more serious; Can also be cut large pieces of dirt to remove, easy to wash. Especially around the mouth, ears, armpits, shares the place such as the medial, tiptoe, dogs are reluctant to let a person more to comb combing parts clean. Comb, in order to reduce and avoid the pain of the dog, but holding the hair root, combing with another hand. 4, flush thoroughly shower must prevent shampoo will flow to the eyes or ears. Flush thoroughly, don't make lather or shampoo stranded on dogs, in case the stimulation of the skin and cause skin inflammation. 5, best the morning to bathe the dog should be performed early in the morning or at noon, not to take a bath in high air humidity or rainy days. Wash immediately after use hair pet dryer' target='_blank'>pet hair dryer dry or dry with a towel. Don't put a dog after a bath in the sun to dry. Dogs don't take a shower of 6, not especially dogs vaccinated babies, because there is no resistance is low, vaccinated if caught a cold after shower late will affect the timing of vaccination. Just after the vaccine dog within a week also can't take a shower. 7, strange new environment to familiar with new environment dog got home, when your dog healthy, can go to dozen vaccine, but can't give dog a bath during lest catch a cold. 8, the dog dog are injury after injury or surgery can give the dog a bath, take a shower after inflammation may lead to wound. 9, doubt during a cold sick dog is not suitable for bathing, originally constitution is relatively weak, easy to cause low blood pressure, shock. 10, rutting bitch bitch when heat is dirty, but also will have bad smell, but if not careful is likely to cause infection, that thed loss outweights the gain. 11, birth lactation in front of the dog in labor best cut off the dog shit strands of hair around, to ensure that the dog smooth production and postpartum health care, or production ass after MAO will defiled with blood, but also can not give the dog a bath. Wool is very severe, during pregnancy and lactation are not appropriate. 12, after strenuous exercise the dog so carved in limbs, muscle, blood bathe immediately to make the heart and brain blood supply is insufficient, detrimental to health. 13, wet weather if meet thunderstorm weather is not suitable to give the dog a bath. A dog after the bath, opens pores, hair's natural oils will reduce above, it can't recover in a short time, most will be ignored by parents, and cause disease. 14 just eat satisfied if the dog, the dog dog had just eaten dinner, suddenly shower skin blood vessels dilate, less blood flow to the stomach and cause indigestion and lower blood glucose, dog fainting easily.
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