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Give a dog a bath in the matters needing attention and the eight steps

by:Lingyu     2020-03-26
Bathing the dog a bath should pay attention to: avoid frequent dogs don't have to take a bath every day, because the dog sebum secretion is less than human, frequent bathing would not only wash protect skin leather fat, also increases the chance that the dogs suffering from skin diseases. Below small make up to introduce to bathe the dog's attention, and eight steps, the hope can help you! Preparations for towel, hair dryer, 2 toilet paper. Bathe the dog of the matters needing attention and the eight steps 1, roughly the wet dog body with warm water. Note that the temperature of the bath is unfavorable and exorbitant also shoulds not be too low. Generally speaking, the spring and summer 36 degrees Celsius, qiu dong season 37 degrees Celsius as appropriate. Baths should be selected in the morning or at noon, as to the choice of the weather, it is best to avoid air humidity of the weather, especially in rainy day. 2, on the back with bath, and then began to knead, from the hips back, until the whole body rub out the bubbles. For the choice of the bath, it has already been said, because the skin ph value, structure and bath ingredients such as difference, human shampoo or bath, all does not apply to a dog's skin, therefore, mild nature, without excitant dedicated pet bath is the best choice. 3, the dog's head, ears, and the chin, around the anus, limbs, to conduct a comprehensive cleaning in areas such as the soles of the feet, to pay attention to don't talk bubble wash into the dog's eyes. 4, the direction of the water started with a dog's head, back flushing, gradually extended to the limbs, not swept over a rampage, rushed to where is. Make sure remain in dogs thoroughly rinse bath, not missing. If the bubble bath residues on the dog, it is easy to stimulate the skin and cause skin allergy. As we know, the dog dog skin structure is vulnerable to this end, suggest that every time use conditioner that re-moisturizes, acid-base balance is conducive to thoroughly wash the residual bath the dog. 5, take a towel, best can completely wrapped up the dogs. Help him dry. At the same time, don't forget to take it off the inside of the ears sliver, wipe its ears. This is a lot of people make a mistake, take a shower after directly put the dog in the sun, let it dry automatically, it is unscientific. Because the bath will get the dog coat on a lot of grease, it will to a certain extent reduce the dog dog cold-resistance and resistance. A cold one hot could easily lead to dog a cold, serious still can cause pneumonia, therefore, the correct method is immediately with a towel to dry the water drops dogs. After 6, dry with a towel, remember to blow dry. This link note, some dogs long-haired dog, for example, is not enough to only use blower again. To ensure the hair dry thoroughly, might as well to blow a few times more, and also used in the process of blowing fingers or a hair comb the hair open. In this step you also need to note is that: blowing application hand try so hot temperature to the dog, of course there are exceptions, skin disease of dogs is unfavorable use pet hair dryer because the heat of blower will further stimulate the itching of skin diseases. In this case, only can let the dog in a warm place dry naturally. 7, after dry, don't forget to help the dog dog fur sanity. 8, the final use toilet paper to help the dog clean gum and part of the ear.
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