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Give a dog a bath side steps

by:Lingyu     2020-03-30
Give the dog a bath side steps you figure it out? Below small make up to introduce the give the dog a bath side steps, the hope can help you! Step 1 combing carefully, the hair bulb, hair knot choose division. The dirt attached to the dog body away. The dog's head, two ears, chin, around the anus, limbs, to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, in areas such as the sole should pay attention to is not to speak of foam wash into the dog's eyes. Step 2 in the bath bowl into more than 35 degrees or so warm, let the dog dog standing inside, starting from the tail water upward. Whole body spray all over it. Note that the temperature of the bath is unfavorable and exorbitant also shoulds not be too low. Generally speaking, the spring and summer 36 degrees Celsius, qiu dong season 37 degrees Celsius as appropriate. Baths should be selected in the morning or at noon, as to the choice of the weather, it is best to avoid air humidity of the weather, especially in rainy day. Step 3 in the back with bath, and then began to knead, from the hips back, until the whole body rub out the bubbles. Pay attention to the ears, feet, neck, have to wash to near the anus. For the choice of the bath, because the skin ph value, skin structure, and bath ingredients such as difference, human shampoo or bath, all does not apply to a dog's skin, therefore, mild nature, without excitant dedicated pet bath is the best choice. Injection in step 4 in the bath tub clean warm water, carefully clean all the bubbles off the dogs. Flush from the dog's head in the direction of the start, gradually back flushing, extended to the limbs, not swept over a rampage, rushed to where is. Make sure remain in dogs thoroughly rinse bath, not missing. Step 5 dry with a towel after, remember to blow dry. This link note, some dogs long-haired dog, for example, is not enough to only use blower again. To ensure the hair dry thoroughly, might as well to blow a few times more, and also used in the process of blowing fingers or a hair comb the hair open. In this step you also need to note is that: blowing application hand try so hot temperature to the dog, of course there are exceptions, skin disease of dogs is unfavorable use hair pet pet hair dryer, because the heat of blower will further stimulate the itching of skin diseases. In this case, only can let the dog in a warm place dry naturally.
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