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Give a pet grooming should be prepared to seven tools

by:Lingyu     2020-04-19
Pet hair back when is a good time to change modelling, timed to the dog dog beauty, let the dog dog glowing. Your dog has the beauty of their own tools? 1, comb a dog because the strength of variety to the length of the hair is different, so choose a comb to see your dog is what kind of, so as to prevent damage to the skin and hair. Has nothing to do with the length of the hair or intensity, all varieties of common characteristic is the need to the management of the vital qi. The management of the vital qi is combing to fully in the family. Choose good every 15 minutes after the appropriate a comb hair to prevent hair removal and skin. Woolly kind of circumstance is combed Mao Cai everyday can prevent skin disease. Combing from childhood in the same way as other habit can also after good with their owners. 2, scissors, is not an easy thing for beauty shearing at home. But for the sake of the dog's health of hair or ass around the hair under your feet may as well cut. Commonly when shearing and picks the blood knife with scissors. MAO under your feet too long in the row of indoor cannot walk good, plastic surgery will happen that way for a long time, and not to do a good also induce skin after bathing. Long hair kind of situation will make bottom part of MAO, because this problem during defecation, also develop to a bottom part inflammation so take special care about this. Scissors cuts is to use the line between head and the level of the skin, take blood knife is hair has been cut out. Use when drawing blood knife note that dogs don't scare voice also pay attention to the knife don't touch the skin. Hair stuck between mess up after grooming first use blood knife is convenient. 3, shampoo in order to keep the dog breed choose shampoo is also very important. With shampoo first aim was to get rid of the dirty dog hair enhance the metabolism and development of skin fur part. Recently there are a lot of dog hair status or specialized products with color, so want to choose good varieties appropriate with your dog. 4, protect hair after shampoo and hair conditioner do embellish. Choose products like shampoo. 5, the temperature of the blower wind heat capacity is not too much appropriate. 6, toenail knife according to the size of the dog to choose proper toenail knife. 7, towels, bath after the dog behind a away with water, then a special dog towel to wipe.
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