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Give the cat cat doing hairdressing health care methods

by:Lingyu     2020-04-15
For love a pet cat, the cat cat hairdressing health care knowledge and master more attention. Below small make up to sort out the cat for beauty care method, for everybody to see. The cat cat beauty care how to do? Cat ear care if you are in good health, ears without having to pay more attention to it. Check the presence of dirt inside ear, use a cotton ball dipped in olive oil, will clear away dirt. If the cat always constantly ear, is likely to suffer from disease, see there are no black in the ear wax quality spot mark. Cats always catch ear another reason, may be ears were choked up with ear wax. If the cat to scratching, veterinary diagnosis should be invited. The cat's eye care dirt around the cat's eye can simply wipe: with a piece of cotton soaked in warm water, sewage will wipe gently. The cat's eye should be bright and clean. If you have inflammation or secretions, the cat may have serious health problems. Pet net washing a face small make up said, longhaired cats tend to have tear ducts jams. When this happens, the tears flow to the cheek, left ugly black spot mark on his face. In order to remove a stain, should dip in with cotton ball light salt water, wipe on the cheek. If this problem happens often, it is necessary to please veterinary treatment. Check the cat of the oral cavity teeth presence of dental plaque. Ideally, every week to scrub cat teeth, to prevent the formation of dental plaque. However, your cat will reject this kind of treatment for dignity. If this happens, it is necessary to please vet eliminate tartar and polished every year. Cat's paw of any health care and active cat, it's claws will get automatically clip, because when the cat exercise program, claws will wear. However, if your cat has big age, or in captivity indoors, you should be checked as cat's paw, see whether you need to trim. Pruning PAWS if you need to trim the cat claw should put the cat in her lap, tightly with finger pressure cat, the cat's paw forward. Carefully check the cat claws. The main part of the cat's paw including under the fingernails of pink flesh root, contain the nerves. Not to live. Clean cat claw cat's paw can't stick on dirt, touched, if use wet cotton ball can be easily cleaned. How to give the cat cat nails trimmed when ok do you like to play with the cat in the home? But when playing with a cat have been cat catch? This shows you need to cut the claws of cat, but how to cut the cat cat claws? Today we are together and see it! There are two kinds of commonly used method, no matter in what way we must first do is ready to cut JiaQian pet dedicated. Need to know the structure of cat's paw at the same time, not cut. Cat's claws are transparent, when you see a pink place cannot be cut, because it is a blood line. Must pay attention to when cut can't get there cut, and to a certain distance. Let's take a look at the first method: first of all let your cat cat lay down, we picked up its claws, its floor MATS with the hand hold, because that its claws from inside the floor MATS. We can trim at this moment, but it is important to note that when you have a reaction when the cat cat will release soon, in order to avoid scratches, when cut must concentrate, can not play. Another method is for those who do not honest and naughty cat. At this time we will cooperate with the two people, first of all, we are looking for a bag is the cat's head, etc. We can cut it struggle over. But it is important to note that in the process of cut, don't let it scratches, bites. What kind of the two methods can you use what kind of, if not, that is about to go to the pet shop to trim. We'd better cut in about a month time, will not scratch by it already so, also need not worry about home leather caught bad!
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