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Give the dog dog shearing is good

by:Lingyu     2020-04-17
Summer arrived, a lot of dogs parents afraid of the dog is too hot, want to give the dog dog shearing, then give the dog dog shearing is ok or not? Let's look at it. Shearing is good for my dogs to the dog dog clip hair is pet grooming inside a basic item, but we also want to note that not all dogs are suitable for cutting hair. Long-haired dog fur is actually has two functions, one is the insulation, the second is gasket, insulation is a two-way street, is like a quilt wrapped, if it's cold outside, still hot inside, if hot outside, no quilt covered, there will be more hot. So professional pet beautician advice: don't cut the dog's hair light summer! Can fix it at best a little loose, it will have a good a lot of, as if it fell just off the bottom of the villi MAO, outer layer of the hair is basically not to drop a lot. Shearing is inevitable in the process of raising a pet dog, a content whether long-haired dog, or short-haired dog, there is always a need of shearing. For example, any dog will require regular trim toenails parts of hair, and jealous. Especially the long-haired dog, trimmed regularly nap is a must.
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