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Give your pet the easiest seven mistakes while taking a bath

by:Lingyu     2020-03-31
Easy to make any mistake when to bathe a pet? Below small make up for everybody introduced to pet the easiest seven mistakes when bathing, the hope can help you! Bathe the dog, the water temperature of uncomfortable remember lukewarm water temperature. Too hot or too cold temperature can give the dog dog uncomfortable stimulation, and then let the dog dog from resistance to bath it. So how do we know how the water temperature is suitable? You can first blunt his arm to test the temperature, because the skin is sensitive to temperature. Uncomfortable water many parents like to use the shower to help children to take a bath, MAO MAO because it is convenient to use. Shower water pressure if too strong, however, water rushed in dogs may make them uncomfortable; Head hissing acoustic to the dog dog can also cause stimulation, make them afraid. If you must use the shower, can by hand as buffer, let water wash in hand, for the dog to the force of the water column, at the same time, the dog dog can feel your hand on him, and that will also bring them comfortable feeling. Not suitable for lotion don't casually use human shower gel or shampoo for hair baby shower! Even if it flaunt all-natural ingredients or special baby irritant ingredients, too! Because the child's skin and MAO human different ph, using human lotion may be the cause of their dry skin. Choose baby lotion, MAO also want for their skin conditions; In general composition of oats lotion is milder. If your dog is easy to have skin problem, you can consult a vet to choose what kind of lotion. Skin sensitive dog, can first try to wash on the back of a small piece of scope, to observe the skin if there is any different. Some owners will choose use soap soap to bathe the dog, but the type of soap lotion is unable to thoroughly clean the skin of dirt and grease. If you want to use soap lotion, you must be careful. Rub every part of the dogs, and make soap bubbles stay on dog wash it again some time, so as to thoroughly wash the dirt. Rude combing technique for dogs after a blow dry hair, also want to help them combed wool; But poor carding skills but will hurt them! Please confirm that have really blow dry hair again to help the dog dog grooming, otherwise it is easy to pull to let the dog pain pain. If you find the dog hair knot, or have hair bulb, best to ask professional beautician processing, tore open don't their own hard agglomeration, such not only can hurt your dog, will also hurt their skin! Blow hair for a long time most of the kids don't like the noise of blower, MAO can therefore use a blow pet pet hair dryer to minimize the time is the best! Owners can get many strong absorbent towels, in blow dry with towel blot moisture, as much as possible before the best to the extent of the dry absorption, so it can greatly reduce the using time of blower! Shower times too often bathe too often not only causes the pressure of the dog, will wash them on the skin grease, let skin become fragile. Normal bathing frequency varies in accordance with the dogs, some dogs may be two to three weeks to wash once, some dogs may wash once or two month. Owners can and consulting professional veterinary advice, find out the most suitable for their own children skin bath way oh.
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