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Golden retriever beauty maintenance method

by:Lingyu     2020-03-28
The golden retriever is a modern and popular dog species, a single hunting, as used in the hunting of wild birds retriever and cultivated, excellent swimming endurance. Below small make up to introduce the golden retriever beauty maintenance methods, welcome! Golden retriever beauty maintenance method golden retriever hair characteristics: golden retriever or tile or a wavy hair, good hair, hair thick and waterproof. Golden retriever hair care: golden retriever care at ordinary times is relatively easy, as long as the body brush every week. Golden retriever beauty steps: 1. Scrape brush golden retriever body brush to remove golden retriever off his hair and dander. 2. Pay particular attention to golden retriever hair behind the ear, the hair is soft, often form entanglement. 3. Trimmed nails, clean golden retriever ears eyes, golden retriever, golden retriever cleaning teeth. 4. Clip on MATS, meat around the toe and hocks redundant hair. 5. Shower to use suitable shampoo, rinse thoroughly. Use golden retriever hair care hair nutrient, do at least three times a year 6. Squeeze the water with a towel, use hair pet pet hair dryer blow dry hair. 7. Can be put under the golden retriever ear hair thin, careful pruning golden retriever on the edge of the ear hair. 8. Tail from the end of the clip, gradually cut, shape of the feather tip with his forefinger and thumb clamped golden retriever, bent into shape. 9. If tassel fringe longer easy dirty, thin to use scissors to cut. 10. Can golden retriever beard and other facial hair cut off excess. Note: cut to ovary golden retriever and been castrated male golden retriever hair thicker, it need more care.
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