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Golden retriever beauty step

by:Lingyu     2020-04-12
In order to let the golden retriever has become more beautiful, more spirit, owners regularly for dogs to do beauty. Below small make up to introduce the golden retriever beauty step, I hope it can help you! The first step: began to take a bath, 1) Pour a little pet special bath in the body, water rub gently, then wash ( If too dirty can repeat twice) , coated with suitable conditioner that re-moisturizes, the final rinse. ( 2) After bathing, must use block water imbibition is strong dry towel dry moisture quickly. ( 3) With high power ram shun hair dry quickly. The second step: use a comb to comb suitable all wearing fur. Step 3: carefully cut toe nails for a dog, so as not to cut into its blood vessels. The fourth step: cut the foot hair, the soles of hair is too long, because your golden retriever walk slip and fall. Step 5: golden retriever basically don't have to cut hair, hair cut to nearby the ear just once in a while for it can be. Step 6: in order to make the ear hair stick take points, can also be used to redundant hair combed. Step 7: golden ears down for a long time, we must to wash the water clean ears on a regular basis. Step 8: then rolls with scissors, cotton into the ear of dog clean carefully. Related: golden retriever hair characteristics: golden retriever or tile or a wavy hair, good hair, hair thick and waterproof. Golden retriever hair care: golden retriever care at ordinary times is relatively easy, as long as the body brush every week.
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