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Help pets must use professional manicure nail clipper

by:Lingyu     2020-05-03
This dog's nails are also human nails, this dog's nails in the middle there is a blood line. If we don't help cut a dog, then this article blood thread will grow along with the nails, and then help the dog dog your nails, so will inevitably lead to the bloodshed. So we should have to help them cut a good blood line as soon as possible to prevent this from happening. Now to help cut a dog, you may know what cut armor for dogs need first. Give the dog dog nails to prepare the following a few things in general. 1. Professional nail scissors: because this dog's nails and nail is different, its hardness is larger, general nails cannot use, need to go to a pet shop to buy professional nail scissors can give the dog dog your nails. 2. The blokes: good shear nails can have the effect of a nap, after will nails polished. 3. Check blood meal: in order to prevent bleeding accidentally cut your nails, need to prepare some check blood meal, once the bleeding, is about to check blood meal in the wound, pressure after a few seconds, bleeding can be stopped. Note: some small dogs such as the fawn chihuahua and dogs, nails to all black, not easy to distinguish the blood line, suggested to ask professional personage to help pet hospital or pet shop. In addition, the toe claw and feet near the occipital hair, should often cut short in order to prevent slippery. Nails are too long is bad for the pet itself, and torsion may hurt others, if you run too quickly could lead to a broken and a lot of bleeding. So for the sake of the dog's health and safety we should help them cut at regular intervals.
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