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Help the dog hair

by:Lingyu     2020-05-02
If the host to the requirement of the modelling of dog nothing special, can try to repair the dog hair. Is below small make up sharing methods of hair to help the dog dog, let's take a look at. A, can trim around the face and eyes first if the dog dog eye socket parts of the coat is too long it is easy to get the dog dog eyes causing stimulation, make the dog often tears, so you need to trim on a regular basis. 1. When trim face coat, can use the left thumb and index finger gently seize the dog a long chin, other fingers grabbed the dog's neck, let the dog head don't touch. 2. Then carefully packed the dog around the eyes with the comb hair comb, outward so can avoid the coat is too long to plunge into the dog's eyes. 3. In the clip, try to hold the dog, then obviously jealous lose first, then a slight trim. Liang dog nose hair is too long, also have clip. Second, fur trim around the mouth Mao Ruguo around the dog's mouth is too long, in both drinking water and eating all the time easy to stick to, if so, for a long time are prone to oxidation, making the colour yellow. Also not easy to clean, and affect the dog to eat, can also create health problems. 1. Can will be first hair combed to of the two sides of her mouth, and then adjust the length according to his be fond of. 2. Under the chin was Mao Xian to comb, and then to prune. Three, the legs are hair cut most dogs need to be more active, feet on the coat is too long, especially foot toe seam between, easy with a lot of not easy to remove dirt, and affect the dog. 1. From down to up the first dog leg hair coat, then grabbed the dog after crus, from bottom to top, cut hair in the legs, don't let the dog dog touch when shearing. 2. Around the foot of the height of the hair, is based on the height of the pads, up to 1 cm cut benchmark. 3. Fingers of MAO also want to clean up, first press gently with fingers, toes separated, then push to V to fingers. 4. Around the anus coat also wants proper pruning, this position is easy to stick to a dirt.
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