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How about hydraulic grooming tub after-sales service?
Shanghai Lingyu Pet Products Co., Ltd. has a well-developed service and spare parts division that helps ourselves to successfully deal with the pre and post sales issues that are confronted by the customers. The sales service support delivered guarantees that alternatives are provided before possible problems become worse. Also, seasoned consultants will offer outstanding customer support. Your satisfaction with our firm and grooming tub is our goal!

Lingyu leads to a new trend in pet grooming accessories industry development mainly thanks to its strong R&D, design, and manufacturing capacity. dog bath tub is the main product of Lingyu. It is diverse in variety. The inspections for Shenyue&Lingyu pet grooming scissors defects will be conducted. It will be checked with regard to construction, color, fabric, measurement, and packing. The product is safe and healthy, and it won't cause allergies to any pets. This kind of product can balance the absorption of any color spectrum, but the view has no obvious color difference with the real natural feeling. The humanized design makes the product easy to disinfect.

We are fully aware of our responsibility to be a steward of a greener environment. We’re proud to have instituted a company-wide program of environmental awareness and sustainability. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce energy, protect natural resources, and recycle or eliminate waste. Welcome to visit our factory!
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