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How do I bathed chow chow

by:Lingyu     2020-05-08
In the life of the hair fleeciness thick, chow easily infected with some dust, dirt, so parents should make clear the work in time, today we learn together how to bathed chow chow: 1 / should have related bath tools ready for chow. Such as basin, shower gel, a comb, a bath towel, scissors, pet hair dryer, cut nails, etc. 2 / before the formal bath, should give first chow grooming, cut nails. The dust on the dog's hair first, dirt removing some, and then in trim nails, avoid in the shower, the dog dog scratches owner due to the tension. 3 / prepared the bath for chow. Bath water temperature keeps consistent with the dog's body temperature. But in the hot summer water temperature can be reduced, the water temperature should be appropriate increase in cold winter. Before bath, chow claws into bath water first, if the dog is not exclusive, it can begin to take a bath. 4 / chow's whole body wet first, and then shower gel in the play, the host with both hands gently knead a dog's body, especially the neck, arms and legs, abdomen, buttocks, etc, need to gently rub clean. 5 / after rubbing a clean, need to thoroughly rinse immediately with water will chow body. It is important to note that after clean chow, parents need to use towel to wipe dry the water drops on the hair, then use hair pet pet hair dryer will be thoroughly dry wet hair, prevent chow catch cold sick.
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