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How does samoyeds beauty care

by:Lingyu     2020-04-14
When samoyeds dogs for beauty, it is not necessary to do regular pet grooming seven steps, only need to do one of the six. Take a look at below! Beauty in addition to the daily cleaning and care without clip, otherwise it will backfire. When samoyeds dogs for beauty, it is not necessary to do regular pet grooming seven steps, only need to do one of the six. Pet grooming seven steps: first, brush ( Death to the hair, dust) Second, combing three, ear eyes clean ( Pull the ear hair, wash ears to prevent wet ear, ear infections, ear mites) Four, nails, hair cut foot ( Anti-slip, inflammation between toes) Hair cut belly bottom, near the anus, ( When the toilet clean) Five, bath, crowded anal gland ( Anal gland JiJiu prone to inflammation) Six, blow dry, combing seven, pruning modelling samoyeds description, samoyeds historical origin of the samoyed breed pastoral ethnic samoyed people named in Siberia, the color many, generally speaking, there are black, black and white, black and brown, white coat varieties. Samoyeds has always been to pull sled reindeer with guards. At the same time because the samoyed breed with endurance and strong physique, so European explorers use this dog work in the arctic and Antarctic expedition. Second, samoyeds standard appearance, height, 1. The height of the standard of male samoyed 'dog is 21 - 23. 5 inches; Female samoyed 'dog is 19 - 21 inches. 2, hair. Samoyeds dogs have a double coat, the body was covered a layer of a short, thick, soft, flocculent, close to the bottom of skin, hair, hair is through the bottom of a thick long hair, hair upright in body surface, never curly. 3, color. Samoyeds color is pure white dog; White with a shallow pale brown, cheese; As a whole is light brown. Other colors are not so good. 4, pace. Standard samoyeds dog gait to trot, not pacing. His movement is light, flexible, pace with the rhythm. Gait stretch, smooth, powerful, forequarters stretched adequately, the hindquarters drive effectively. Trot, after driving force is very strong. Three, samoyeds character and USES samoyeds dogs have a very attractive appearance: white coat, smiling face and black and bright eyes, is now one of the most beautiful in the dog. Samoyeds DE dog body is very strong, fast, is good guard dog, but it is warm and friendly, never creates a problem, but it can keep the position. Samoyeds DE dogs naturally clever, absolutely loyal to his master. As a working dog, samoyeds dog in polar expedition holds a record not beyond. Early polar expedition sled dog in extremely harsh conditions, work day after day. They want to pull the equivalent of one and a half times their weight of goods, but still happy and carefree, this is the typical character of samoyeds DE dog.
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