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How many suitable cat a bath water temperature

by:Lingyu     2020-04-21
Although we have emphasized for your cat a bath without too frequently, but also need to give the cat a shower when necessary. In general cycle for 1 - cat a bath Two months. For your cat a bath can not only give the cat hairdressing, dispel dirt cat, let the cat become healthier and more beautiful. Hot weather in summer, bacteria easy breeding, to help the cat often take a shower is one of the effective methods to prevent bacterial enroach on, but also cannot too too frequently a bath. Summer for your cat a bath when the water temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, give the cat a bath before, can let the cat paw to test the water temperature, if the cat like founder, no intense action, can give a cat a bath. In the winter, the cat a bath water temperature is relatively higher, and of course in the bath before and it is important to let the cat test temperature, the water temperature is suitable. Which season to bathe a pet cat, whether can use cold water, because the cats hate cold water, use cold water to take a bath, of course, also easy to cause the cat might appear breathing hard, easy to let the cat colds, affect the cat's physical fitness. In general, for cat a bath water temperature can generally in a cat's temperature range. To bathe a cat nor can, in general, summer can choose to bathe a cat at the time of the evening twilight, winter should choose in the warm air conditioning room to bathe a cat or a warm sunny afternoon. After washing the cat at the same time, in a timely manner to blow dry your cat hair thoroughly, prevent the pet cat will catch a cold sick.
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