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How to bathe a French bulldog

by:Lingyu     2020-05-20
Maintain a clean and comfortable body and mind to more live more moist. Of course, a dog, too. Especially in this hot summer, to bathe a French bulldog is definitely a very good thing, but also must pay attention to the discretion. So, to bathe a French bulldog, we should pay attention to what is? Underneath, small make up to make a introduction for you. A bath, the dog dog dog sebaceous glands secretion is a bad smell, but also make the coat with unclean tangles, sends out the smell. If you do not give a dog a bath, is easy to cause pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, make your dog is sick. Therefore, you must give the dog a bath, keep skin clean and health, is beneficial to the health of the dog. Second, take a shower time choice in terms of season, in winter is not recommended to bathe the dog. Even in other seasons, the weather changed a couple of days, also should avoid to give the dog a bath. Dogs and man are different, they adjust the way of the temperature is not spring winter long hair, hair removal. But if meet the thunderstorm weather in the summer, especially not suitable to give them a bath. A dog after the bath, opens pores, hair's natural oils will reduce above, it can't recover in a short time, most will be ignored by the master, and cause disease. Generally said, bathe once a long-haired dog, half a month, everyday is the most important. Especially in MAO's season. Short-haired dog a bath once a month. Daily as long as can wipe with a wet towel. In addition, the spring weather is dry, comb should dip some water before, in order to avoid the static electricity. Three, right to bathe the dog and the matters needing attention to grooming first, remove the fast knot. With basin filled with water, put the French bulldog basin, head and neck, make French bulldog head stand to your left, the left block below the French bulldog head into the chest, to baoding good French bulldog body. Right hand in the side of the tub with warm water, in accordance with the arms, back, abdomen, the order of the hind legs, shoulders, arms gently get wet, then apply shampoo, gently rub, wash and dress quickly, with the comb before rinsing with finger pressure on both sides of the anus, put out the anus gland secretion. With his left hand or right hand from the jaws to cover his ears and rinse with clear water gently down from the tip, attention should be paid to prevent water flowing into the ear, then the various parts of the body from front to back to rinse off with clear water, and immediately with a towel around the head, dry the water. To use cotton towel to wipe the pet body, to dry tail wool. Long-haired French bulldog can blow dry, suggest you start from the back by the hips forward against hair blowing, ram not being too close to their skin, so as not to burn them delicate skin. Must be careful not to let the ram on the dog's head and ears, this will make the dog. In a briefing at the same time, to constantly combing, as long as the French bulldog body did not work, you should have been the comb into the hair shaft.
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