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How to care huskies hair

by:Lingyu     2020-04-30
Husky belongs to a typical double hair varieties. How to care huskies hair? Below small make up to introduce to you, I hope it can help you! 1. To take a bath, will wash hair fluid 1:10 dilution, keep hair fleeciness feeling upright. If your home huskies baby is very naughty, often their own ability to play dirty, suggest to buy a bottle of white essence, without dilution, directly will concentrate on the dirty parts of the rub, dedicated to the cleaning ability of white hairs and parts of the lower abdomen is dirty, wash not bleach. 2. Blow hair method: once a week to blow hair care can also make the fur often is in a state of free breath, even during the moult, also won't appear terrible hair holes. Pay attention to blow hair from the tail to the direction of the head, reverse blow dry hair. Don't forget to take care of tail comb hair near the roots below, or when the huskies took up the tail is very ugly. Of course don't forget to and around her genitals. 3. Beauty tools: needle brush, long needle to comb through long and thick hair. After the silver bullet pig hair brush, hair comb, use this comb the hair and massage the skin. Have scale sprayer can be used to against the wool washing liquid to use, can also be used to against the deep-sea repair protect hair oil, generally a husky buy 250 ml of atomizer is enough. 4. Protect hair: husky coat under the sun shine, not only will become rough texture, will also serious bleached hair caused by the oxidation bleaching. It is important to note that the weight of the dog fur is 35% water, water deficiency, coat, skin horny muscle tissue can become very fragile. When care at ordinary times should pay attention to the moisture of dog hair care, and should be avoided in the hot sun had insolated long time, especially should put an end to is not in dogs after bathing in the sun to dry. For huskies often swim, should be on the hair after swimming coated with a layer of sunscreen isolation spray to avoid dog hair burns discoloration. Daily smooth hair in hair knot spray, quickly remove surface dirt. Fully water soluble. With cream ingredients, can make the hair becomes smooth and reduce fracture caused when combing hair, natural volatilization does not need to wash, comb is easy to comb. Warm prompt: huskies hair change twice a year, perhaps at the time of spring and autumn. In general, in everyday life, it is out of MAO's case is not serious. But in change garments according to the days you want very much to comb two to three times a day, it will soon fall off the hair comb together, lest get houseful.
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