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How to care the dog skin

by:Lingyu     2020-04-30
Dog needs our care to health, here small make up to introduce how to care the dog's skin, the hope can help you! How to care 1 a dog's skin, help the dog dog grooming on a regular basis. Using the correct comb can help the dog dog can dispel the death of the body hair, promote skin blood circulation, to ensure a healthy skin condition; Second, correctly give dog a bath. We already know the dog skin is different from human, so when to bathe the dog must follow in accordance with the laws of their physiological needs. With the help of a professional beautician use pet special shower gel, bath and formulate reasonable frequency, every time after bathing, must will surface thoroughly dry, or residue on the surface of the water will be because of the coat keep out delays in evaporation, let the body become wet, it's easy to form a variety of fungi, bacteria and parasites habitable environment; 3, regular away in vitro parasite. A parasite itself is the skin condition, in addition to the parasites and may spread other serious disease, and even form people spoil cross infection, so be sure to insect repellent on a regular basis. Four, appropriately increase the exercise time, appropriately increase sunlight time, this also is good for healthy skin and coat. 21 how to care the dog skin and keep the dog body clean, dry dog skin care, cleaning is the first step, we should keep the dog body clean and dry, to the largest extent, prevent the happening of the dog skin disease. In general, the dog must be properly cleaning, once a week in summer, winter once every two weeks, and dry in a timely manner. 2, choosing the right bath products, alkaline cleaning fluid is easy to damage the dog skin oil layer, make the skin in a fragile state, so we should choose the pet special cleaning fluid, no stimulation or children with bath dew, etc. , try not to use the functions of adult with bath dew. 3, regularly check the dog skin dog skin often is in a state of concealment, if we don't check is don't know the dog's skin condition, in order to prevent the happening of the dog's skin, we should regularly check the dog's skin, healthy skin should be smooth, clean, no inflammation and scurfy, etc.
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