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How To Choose Pet Grooming Table


A pet grooming table is the starting point where all grooming activities take place. It is essential because it enables the groomer to access the pet easily and keeps the pet calm during grooming time. It is important that the grooming table is firm and it should be attached with a grooming loop. All this gives proper protection to the groomer and the pet. It protects the pet against injuries while being groomed and also facilitates the quality of grooming. There are many types, styles, and sizes of grooming tables available in the market. All you need is to choose the one that fits your needs. Here are factors to consider when choosing a pet grooming table.

Type Of Table

The primary and essential step when choosing a pet grooming table is to determine the type of table you need. The common categories of grooming tables in the market are stationary and portable grooming tables.under each category there are different styles and designs that you can choose.fer example under stationary tables there are hydraulic and electric tables. Under the portable category, there is a fold-up type that is best suited to mobile groomers. All tables have their features. And some have additional features that you can choose. You must choose a table with all the required features to facilitate effective grooming.

Size Of Pet

The grooming table should have enough space to accommodate the size of your pet. The table should allow the pet to stand and move around freely, and enable it to recline comfortably. The common grooming tables have the following dimension 18 or 24 inches wide and 30 to 48 long. It is important to note that table sizes vary depending on manufacturers. If you have a small pet, then choose a small table that will make your pet comfortable. But if you have a large pet, then go for a larger grooming table. The best size of grooming table for your pet enables your pet to rest comfortably without any disturbance hence facilitate efficient and effective grooming.

Size Of The Groomer

It is another important factor that every groomer must take into account. A good pet grooming table should have a suitable height of the groomer that corresponds to the size of the pet. The table should be approximately equal to the level of the groomers' waist. In this case, grooming activities such as combing, cleaning ears, and nails will be quickly attended. The most common tables that can be suitable for the height of the groomer are adjustable pet grooming tables. These adjustable tables allow grooming any size of the pet. You can also sit or stand while grooming; hence they can be the best in this case.

Construction And Portability

Construction of a pet grooming table is another essential factor to be considered when choosing a grooming table. The table should be strong enough to withstand the weight of your pet, which means that it should have strong stands or legs to prevent your pet from falling. It should have a stable tabletop. Another thing you need to consider is portability. The table does not have to be crusted with heavy metals. Considering a portable pet grooming table means that whenever you are moving away from home, you can carry it along with your pet. If the grooming table is kept at home, you can consider choosing a well made slightly heavy table, in case you want a table which can carry while traveling then you should choose a folding table made of lightweight metal.

portable pet grooming table


In case you have more than one pet in your house, or you have a pet that requires grooming more frequently, you may need to have the grooming table in order all the time. You should also make sure that the grooming table that you choose can fit the space you have set aside as the grooming area. If you are not grooming your dog frequently, you may need to have the table that suits your space, and that can be easily be folded and stored under the bed or even in your closet.

Ease Of Cleaning

The best pet grooming table should easy to clean. It should be easy to wipe mad paws, fur trimmings, and occasional nervous wee. The best grooming table, in this case, is the one made of rubber surface that is waterproof as it is to clean after use. It is also important to thoroughly clean the grooming table after use using the right cleaning detergents. 


Safety is an essential thing for all pet owners and groomers. You need to choose a table that has a strong grip on the top surface so that the pet does not get injuries. Besides, you should ensure that the table has firm and strong legs that can hold the weight of the pet. These things are essential when choosing a stationary table. If you decide to choose an electric pet grooming table, you must be extra careful. You must ensure that all the wires are insulated and coated and are a bit far from the pet when grooming.


The best pet grooming table should be durable, which means that it should be manufactured with high quality and strong materials. These materials may include durable woods, stainless still, or other durable metals. You should choose a table that fits all your needs. Some models are suitable for home and other best fitted for mobile groomers. Hence you should select the best suitable grooming table.


The cost of grooming tables depends on the design, material, and style. You need to choose a perfect pet grooming table that fits your budget. Some tables are expensive, others are cheap, but you should pay attention to the quality of the material. Stationary tables are the most economical, so if you are on a tight budget, these may be the best choice. On the other hand, electric tables are more expensive, but if you want a slightly cheaper one to consider hydraulic tables. You need to do a good job there to consider choosing the best pet grooming table you can afford.


Based on the comprehensive information we have given you, we hope that you will make the right decision when it comes to pet grooming table this information will also assist those who are interested in buying these pet grooming tables.

electric pet grooming table

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